What Is The Difference Between Power Query And Power BI?

The main difference between power Query and Power BI is that Power query is used as an Excel Addin for users to pull data in excel, whereas power BI is a Saas service.

In this article, we will break down each of these two functions and list the types of things you can do with each one of them.

What is Power Query?

Power query is a function that Excel developed in a way to help users improve on their data processing work, it allows users to complete ETL functions which are Extract, Transform and Load data.

This function is extremely useful in aggregating data into one spot and automatically pulling data from multiple sources such as online websites, text files, and many more.

Furthermore, it also allows users to transform and automatically load data, this is extremely useful for data that are constantly changing, for instance, stock price data.

Here are some functions that power query provides:

  • Aggregate data into one place
  • Automatically update data
  • Able to handle multiple data formats

What is Power BI?

Power BI also known as Power business intelligence is an interactive data visualization software that helps businesses make informed decisions based on their business data.

Excel allows you to connect your spreadsheets to Power BI, in doing so you can use Power BI’s interactive dashboards and functions to investigate and visualize data.

Here are some functions that Power BI provides:

  • Interactive dashboards
  • Business data metrics
  • Connect to multiple softwares, services and apps to retrieve business data