10 Best Mouse For Excel (Heavy Spreadsheet Usage)

For a lot of people that work with excel spreadsheets, having a great mouse can dramatically boost their efficiency in swiftly manipulating columns and finalising tasks in their spreadsheets.

To do so you’ll need a mouse that is suited exactly for you, one that is responsive, unique, ergonomic, and satisfying to the touch.

That is why in this article we will show you the 10 best mouse for excel users.

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Best Mouse For Excel Users

Logitech MX Master 3: Best Mouse For Excel
Currently Sells For $79USD At Amazon

1. Logitech MX Master 3: Best Mouse For Excel

Logitech MX Master 3 is by far the highest recommended mouse for excel spreadsheets usage.

Most excel spreadsheet users like this mouse because of its ability to scroll vertically and horizontally.

Just like a traditional scroll wheel that moves up and down, a horizontal one allows you to scroll left and right of the spreadsheet, which is extremely efficient in working with large datasets in Excel.

By doing so, the horizontal scroll well reduces a lot of manual work involved with sifting through spreadsheets, which over time can reduce your fatigue whenever you’re handling large datasets.

So if you’re the type that handles large datasets in Excel Spreadsheets, the Logitech MX Master 3 is perfect for you.

Logitech G604 Best Mouse For Excel Macros
Currently Sells For $65 USD At Amazon

2. Logitech G604: Best Mouse For Excel Macros

The Logitech G604 features 6 programmable hotkey macros which you are able to assign to the functions of your liking.

Having Excel Macro Keys on your mouse is great for inputting functions or formulas that you tend to use, for instance, cutting and pasting.

Doing so reduces tedious repetitive tasks which as a result helps reduce strain and fatigue over time when working with Excel spreadsheets.

The Logitech G604 also features wireless capabilities which can last up to 5.5 months for one single AA battery.

Overall, if you’re a heavy Excel MACRO user the Logitech G604 is a great mouse for you.

Microsoft Bluetooth® Ergonomic Mouse: Most Affordable Mouse For Excel
Currently Sells For $23USD At Amazon

3. Microsoft Bluetooth® Ergonomic Mouse: Most Affordable Mouse For Excel

The Microsoft Bluetooth ergonomic mouse is an overall basic mouse built for simplicity and ergonomics.

One of the most redeeming features it has is the ability to have over 15 months of battery life with one single battery.

It also comes with 3 customizable buttons and with the Teflon base, it offers a precise tracking sensor that glides smoothly over a variety of surfaces.

Overall, if you’re the type that doesn’t like the customizability of other mouses and preferably likes something that’s simple without the extra gimmicks.

Then, the Microsoft Bluetooth ergonomic mouse is perfect for you, given that it is quite affordable aswell (only $23USD On Amazon) compared to other mouses.

Razer Pro Click: Most Portable Mouse For Excel
Currently Sells For $87USD At Amazon

4. Razer Pro Click: Most Portable Mouse For Excel

The Razer Pro click comes with both Bluetooth and wired capabilities.

One of the most beneficial things it offers is portability, its USB adaptor is actually stored within the button part of the mouse itself.

By doing so, you can easily switch to a wireless connection, which is quite useful if you’re switching computers or laptops whenever you’re using spreadsheets at the office or at home.

Another thing it offers is also the dotted grip texture on the sides of the mouse, this is great for more steady movements and tracking, which is super useful whenever you’re working with cells or copying functions in Excel.

It also comes with 8 Programmable Buttons which allow you to set Excel Macro functions.

Overall, if you like something that is portable, compact and powerful at the same time then the Razer Pro Click is perfect for you.

Razer Naga Trinity
Currently Sells For $95USD At Amazon

5. Razer Naga Trinity

The razer naga trinity is an extremely modular mouse, where it comes with multiple options for you to swap the additional buttons on the side.

It features multiple modular add-ons such as interchangeable side plates for 2, 7, and 12-button configurations.

The interchangeable side plates allow you to customise the number of macro buttons you have on your mouse.

This is extremely useful for those who like to customise their Macro Button placements (if you look closely each side plate actually has unique placements).

Alienware AW958
Currently Sells For $99USD At Amazon

6. Alienware AW958: Most Modular Mouse For Excel

Another modular mouse is from Alienware, their AW958 model mouse allows you to adjust the width, weight, and side plate button configurations.

The modularity allows you to adjust to the correct ergonomics to your liking.

By changing the configurations, you’re able to adjust the mouse to the ergonomics of your hand, as you may know, some mouses can be smaller, bigger, heavier or lighter compared to others.

So it’s great to have some customisability in this field, which can significantly boost your experience whenever you’re working with spreadsheets.

Overall, the Alienware AW958 is great for Excel users who like to customise their macro buttons and also for those who may have a larger hand or preferably likes some weight on the mouse.

Logitech MX Ergo Wireless: Most Ergonomic Mouse For Excel
Currently Sells For $91USD At Amazon

7. Logitech MX Ergo Wireless: Most Ergonomic Mouse For Excel

The Logitech MX Ergo wireless mouse is a different kind of breed, but don’t let the design fool you.

MX ERGO is crafted for the shape of your hand and built for fast and precise tracking.

The mouse itself can be adjusted to your hand and wrist posture with the unique 0 or 20° tilt angle to conquer those spreadsheets with ease.

More closely, into how the mouse works. To move the cursor you’ll actually be using the trackball on the left-hand side and using your thumb.

By doing so you can easily work through excel spreadsheets with little to no movement of your hand, which reduces fatigue on your wrist and whiplash (quick rapid movements of the hand).

Although the MX ERGO will take some time to get used to due to its unconventional design.

Overall, if you’re not afraid of using a new mouse system and would like to reduce strain whenever you’re working with excel, the MX ERGO could be just for you.

8. Logitech G700

The Logitech g700 is a minimalistic wireless mouse with macros that do not come with flashy lights compared to other mouses.

So it’s probably better suited for people who use excel spreadsheets in the office.

It comes with 13 programmable buttons around the mouse.

9. Logitech G600

The Logitech 600 is another macro mouse released by Logitech, in this model its is a cheaper alternative to its newer model G604.

However, this current model does not come with wireless capabilities.

Comparing this model with the G604, this one comes with more MACRO buttons as it as two extra ones on the top.

RAPOO: Best Alternative To The Logitech MX Master 3
Currently Sells For $50USD At Amazon

10. RAPOO: Best Alternative To The Logitech MX Master 3

The Rapoo mouse as it is quite obvious has taken some design inspiration from the MX Master 3.

However, it provides all the functionality of the Logitech MX Master such as rechargeability, and the ability to change DPI…

If not even more, given the extra macro programming buttons (8 Macro buttons) and lighting it provides on the left-hand side of the mouse.

Altogether at a cheaper price compared to the MX Master 3.

However, the durability can be questionable.

Overall, if you don’t have the budget for the MX Master 3, and would love to own a similar model, then the RAPOO mouse is great for you.

And Yes, it does not have an official name.

What should you consider when purchasing a mouse for Excel Spreadsheet use?

Below, we have listed a few criteria that you may want to consider before purchasing a mouse for excel spreadsheet usage.

  • Size and weight:
    As you may know, not all mouses are created equal, some of them may be smaller or larger than the traditional mouse therefore the weight of the mouse may also change. This aspect should be one of the top things you should consider when purchasing a mouse.
  • Programmable Macro Hotkeys:
    Macro hotkeys will probably be one of the most useful functions you may want to look for in a mouse.

    With programmable buttons, you can easily use functions such as copy and paste with a press of a button.

    Having a mouse with programmable macro hotkeys can save tremendous amounts of time and energy, especially for those who use repetitive functions in excel.
  • Ergonomic design:
    Having an ergonomic mouse is extremely important whenever you’re working with excel spreadsheets, it should fit seamlessly into the palm of your hand.

    Furthermore, the mouse should support extra functions such as the ability to run Macros with a press of a button, by doing so it limits the number of movements made by our hands which will definitely help you reduce fatigue in the long run.

FAQ: Best Mouse For Excel

Which mouse is best for Excel?

The best mouse for Excel is definitely the Logitech MX Master 3, this is because of its horizontal scroll wheel. Having this extra function on the mouse allows you to seamlessly sift through excel spreadsheets.

Why Should I Use a Mouse Built For Excel Spreadsheets?

Having a mouse that is tailored towards your excel spreadsheet work can significantly improve your workflow. For example, Macro functions on your mouse allow you to set-up functions and tools you commonly use, or even a horizontal scroll wheel which allows you to sift through large spreadsheets horizontally.