18 Best Keyboards For Excel (Heavy Spreadsheet Usage)

For a lot of people that use excel as a part of their daily lives, having a great keyboard can make or break their experience working with excel spreadsheets.

That is why you should look for a keyboard that is suited exactly for you, one that is responsive, unique, ergonomic, and satisfying to the touch.

In this article, we will break down the best keyboards for excel that can definitely help with your excel spreadsheet usage.

This list of keyboards ranges from Mechanical , Low Profile Mechanical , membrane and all the way to Ergonomic ones!

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Best Mechanical Keyboard for Excel Users

Mechanical keyboards are widely sought after by programmers because of their ability to customize the keycaps and switches within each key.

This means it is completely tailored to your finger size and strength.

The greatest benefit that mechanical keyboards offer for excel spreadsheet users is it produces less keystroke error (because of their tactile response) and also have programmable MACRO keys which means you can set the keys to whatever function you’d like.

This is extremely useful for setting personalized excel macro functions.

Logitech G613 Best Mechanical Keyboard For Excel
Currently Sells for $55 USD At Amazon

+Well designed, sturdy keyboard
+ Programmable Macro keys
+ Adjustable backlight colors
+ Wireless connection
+ Multimedia Keys

-Requires 2 AA Batteries

1. Logitech G613: Best Mechanical Keyboard For Excel

Logitech’s G613 is one of the most highly recommended mechanical keyboards for excel purposes.

This is because it has programmable Macro keys (which are useful for making excel macros), wireless connection, and fast speed, combined with an ergonomic palm rest.

Its additional features and affordable price is what attract most excel spreadsheet veterans and beginners.

So if you’re the type that likes a keyboard that is well-rounded and doesn’t worry about the batteries.

Then The Logitech G613 is perfect for you.

Dell Alienware AW768

+ Well-designed sturdy keyboard
+ Comes with additional macro keys
+ Adjustable backlight colors

– Some AlienFX functionality restricted to Alienware systems
– Undetachable cable

2. Dell Alienware AW768

Dell Alienware’s AW768 is probably one of the unappreciated keyboards out there, the reason why we like it is that it comes with programmable keys on the side, a nice-sized number pad on the right, and an easy-to-use volume adjuster.

This is perfect for spreadsheets as you have programmable additional macro keys on the side and also a close numeric keypad on the right with the additional adjustable volume knob.

Due to Alienware’s design and backlight, some may like to use this keyboard when using excel spreadsheets as it provides a sense of a cool industrial/space-age vibe that this keyboard may give off. (Gives a little spark to some boring monotonous excel spreadsheet work)

Mountain Everest Max Most Modular Keyboard For Excel

+Adjustable Height
+ Extremely Modular
+Moveable keypad

– No Wireless capabilities

3. Mountain Everest Max: Most Modular Keyboard For Excel

The mountain Everest max is an extremely modular keyboard that has a detachable number pad.

This means you can swap the number pad between the left side and right sides of the keyboard.

If you haven’t tried, some excel users like putting the number pad on the left side of the keyboard.

Doing so makes it easier to access the numerical numbers as your hand skips the arrow keys.

Another benefit is the mountain Everest max also has programmable keys and media functions at the top of the keyboard.

CHERRY MV 3.0 Viola
Currently Sells for $75 USD at Amazon

+ Full n-key rollover – all keys are read simultaneously
+ Anti-ghosting – no input errors
+ WIN key lockout
+ Abrasion-resistant keycaps
+ Detachable USB-C cable

– May not feel mechanical due to the Viola Switches

4. CHERRY MV 3.0 Viola 

The Cherry MV 3.0 Viola, a similar design to the Dell Alienware AW768 (although missing the macro keys) is a cheaper and more readily available alternative.

One of the main benefits that the Cherry MV offers is the cross Linear Viola Switches, which is specifically built by the brand.

Its unique switch overtime (due to its design) will give you less fatigue compared to traditional mechanical keyboards.

However, there is also the risk that it may not “feel” mechanical as well, due to its viola swtiches.

So, if you’re the type that likes mechanical keyboards and preferably would like to reduce fatigue over time when you’re working with excel spreadsheets, then the cherry MV 3.0 viola could be your next alternative.

 Keychron K4 Most Compact Mechanical Keyboard For Excel
Currently Sells for $75 USD At Amazon

+Compact Design
+Wireless Capabilities
+Hot Swappable

-No negatives

5. Keychron K4: Most Compact Mechanical Keyboard For Excel

The keychron K4 is known as one of the most popular mechanical keyboards for beginners.

Its 94% design gives you a compact design with 100 necessary keys.

Furthermore it is also wireless, which reduces clutter on the table.

Overall, this keyboard is recommended for spreadsheet users who like a compact design and also less hand travel to the numberpad.

DURAGOD Typewriter
Currently sells for $104 USD At Amazon

+ Retro layout
+ Programmable keys

– White keys may yellow over time
– Does not come with additional macro keys

6. DURAGOD Typewriter

The DURGOD Typewriter 104 keys give a retro feeling through its light and dark grey layout. This keyboard is perfect for those who like the old windows keyboard styles.

This current keyboard also comes with updated features such as backlighting and programmable keys.

In doing so it really makes your experience working with excel spreadsheets much more satisfying.

Dell Alienware AW310K
Currently sells for $64 USD at Amazon


+ Cherry MX Red switches
+ Fully programmable keys with NKRO and on-board memory
+ Single color LED backlit keys
+ Compact form factor with Signature Alienware aesthetics
+ Slim floating key architecture
+ USB passthrough and dedicated media keys
+ Built to last with durable metal top plate and high-quality paint finish

– Some AlienFX functionality restricted to Alienware systems
– Undetachable cable
– Does not come with additional macro keys on the side like AW768

7. Dell Alienware AW310K

Dell Alienware’s AW310K is another Alienware model that you may want to check out, the keyboard is made with a slick design that has the keys elevated, which makes it easier to clean compared to the AW768 Model.

Its black aluminium design also gives it a professional and rugged look.

So if you’re a professional looking for a keyboard rest assured the dell Alienware gives you a the speed of a gamer keyboard and the style of a professional.

Therefore, this keyboard is perfect for durability and long hours of spreadsheet usage.

Cherry MX Board 1.0
Currently sells for $88 USD At Amazon

+Palm Rest
+ Cherry Switches

– No Macro Keys

8. Cherry MX Board 1.0

The Cherry MX Board uses cherry switches, which are known for their premium feel.

In this current model, it comes with a palm rest that is detachable to the keyboard itself.

More to the style and feel. This keyboard is more tailored towards professionals and doesn’t give off that gamer “vibe”.

Overall, in terms of spreadsheet usage, this is a professional keyboard, and is overall Ok for spreadsheets.

Genovation KB 170 Most Macro Keys For Excel
Currently Sells for $304 USD at Amazon

+ Has a lot of programmable keys

– Bulky keyboard
– Pricey

9. Genovation KB 170: Most Macro Keys For Excel

The Genovation KB 170 is by far one of the most programmable keyboards that we have found, it features 66 programmable keys at the top and uses  Cherry MX Black switches.

However, the bulkiness and price of the product can make even some extreme excel spreadsheet users squint.

Overall, this keyboard is probably only useful for those who extremely like to use macros for their excel spreadsheets.

CHERRY TouchBoard G80-11900

+ Comes with a trackpad

– Layout is different from a normal keyboard
– Wired only

10. CHERRY TouchBoard G80-11900

The cherry touch board is a combination of a mechanical keyboard with a trackpad.

This unique combination makes it easy to just completely use the keyboard without a mouse.

It is perfect for those who use a keyboard majority of the time when working on excel spreadsheets, and because of its nearby trackpad, you can quickly use the mouse when you need to, which saves time.

Best Low Profile Mechanical keyboard For Excel Users

A low-profile mechanical keyboard is just like a mechanical keyboard, except it comes in a shorter body and shorter switches.

Low-profile mechanical keyboards provide the benefit of both mechanical and membrane keyboards since it gives a tactile response and is also not as difficult to type compared to a mechanical keyboard which reduces the strain on your wrist over the long run.

Logitech G915
Currently Sells For $179 USD At Amazon

+ Well designed sturdy keyboard
+ Programmable Macro keys
+ Adjustable backlight colors
+ Wireless connection
+ Rechargeable battery

-Requires 2 AA Batteries

11. Logitech G915

The Logitech G915 is a low-profile keyboard that is extremely easy to clean and comes in an aluminium chassis. It also features buttons on the top for the MACRO keys.

This model is much like its related keyboard (Logitech G613) however the difference is this is a more sleek design and comes with additional features such as multi-media keys and light-speed Bluetooth connection capabilities.

It also does not require AA batteries, as this keyboard is rechargeable.

Razer Ornata Chroma
Currently Sells For $80 At Amazon

+Mecha membrane switches for less fatigue

-Non detachable wire

12. Razer Ornata Chroma

The Razer Ornata Chroma comes in the Mecha-Membrane Switches.

These switches are known for their tactile feedback of mechanical key press on a comfortable soft-cushioned membrane rubber

By doing so it causes less fatigue over time due to its membrane rubber dome.

This is perfect for environments where you need a quiet space to focus on spreadsheet work.

Best Membrane keyboards for Excel users

Membrane keyboards are probably one of the most widely used keyboards to date, it features plastic elastic caps beneath the keycaps rather than a mechanical actuator.

By doing so it feels soft to the touch, quiet, and because it is plastic it is quite affordable compared to mechanical keyboards. It also has a “mushy” typing feel.

Some may prefer using a membrane keyboard because of its quietness, which is great for those who plan to use keyboards in the office.

Logitech MX Keys: Best Membrane Keyboard For Excel
Currently Sells For $116 USD At Amazon

+ Rechargeable
+ Auto adjustable backlighting

– No programmable macros

13. Logitech MX Keys: Best Membrane Keyboard For Excel

Logitech MX keys feature a wireless keyboard with specially indented keys.

The spherically dished keys match the shape of your fingertips which makes it more satisfying to type compared to the traditional keyboards.

Furthermore, the small travel distance of each key makes it much more satisfying and less energy-consuming compared to mechanical keyboards.

This keyboard is perfect for you if you do plan on using excel spreadsheets throughout the day.

Lenovo Enhanced Performance Gen II

+ Contains multimedia keys

– No programmable macros

14. Lenovo Enhanced Performance Gen II

You can’t go wrong with a Lenovo!

Lenovo is known for their ergonomic and satisfying keyboard designs, the Lenovo enhanced performance Gen II comes with additional buttons on the top that is programmed to open emails, documents, and many more.

Perixx PERIBOARD-106M: Most Cheapest Keyboard For Excel Users
Currently Sells For $35 USD At Amazon

+ Classic IBM keyboard Style

– Does not Come with Programmable Keys

15. Perixx PERIBOARD-106M: Most Cheapest Keyboard For Excel Users

The Perixx PERIBOARD-106M is a classic keyboard that gives off the original IBM keyboard stylish feeling.

Overall, for it’s cheap price of $35 USD, you’ll get a great keyboard that is built ergonomically.

Best Ergonomic keyboards For Excel use

Ergonomic keyboards may look a bit different compared to traditional keyboards, but don’t let the design trick you, some may like ergonomic keyboards as it may reduce muscle strain, fatigue, and other problems after long computer use.

This is extremely beneficial if you plan to do spreadsheets for quite a bit.

By using an ergonomic keyboard you’ll know that your posture is correctly aligned at all times so you can maintain focus and productivity for longer.

Microsoft Sculpt: Best Ergonomic Keyboard  For Excel Users

+ Compact design
+ Offers Bluetooth connection

– Requires batteries
– Palm rest is not detachable

16. Microsoft Sculpt: Best Ergonomic Keyboard For Excel Users

Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard is by far one of the most used ergonomic keyboards out there.

It features a slim design that offers Bluetooth features for both the keyboard and its number pad (which does not come with the keyboard)

This means you can easily swap the keypad from the left to right side of your keyboard.

Lenovo Go wireless split keyboard

+ Elevated keyboard for ergonomics
+ Offers Bluetooth connection
+ Cork finished design palm rest

– Is not programmable
– Requires batteries
– No keypad

17. Lenovo Go wireless split keyboard

The Lenovo go wireless split keyboard is much like the others.

Some may prefer this design as it comes with cork finished palm rest and also an elevated top in the middle.

However, it does not come with a numeric keypad.

Perixx Periboard-512
Currently Sells For $40 USD At Amazon

+ Contains hotkeys button
+ Has elevated keyboard design

– no wireless abilities

18. Perixx Periboard-512

The perixx periboard is a keyboard that may feel like a traditional keyboard, but the only difference is its ergonomic v-shaped design making it easier for typing.

It also features nice prebuilt macros on the top of the laptop for easy access.

What should you consider when purchasing a keyboard for Excel Spreadsheet use?

  • For those who use the number pad for excel spreadsheets:
    If you work in the finance and accounting fields you may be heavily using the number pad to input numerical amounts to your spreadsheets.

    It is without a doubt that a number pad is probably one of the key essential functions that you may want when choosing a keyboard.

    Therefore if you do plan to buy a reduced-sized keyboard, you may want to consider purchasing an external number pad to plug onto your computer.
  • Programmable macros and hotkeys:
    Macro keys are programmable keys that allow you to have prebuilt functions, for example, pressing a key will copy and paste a function rather than pressing CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

    If you purely use excel multiple hours a day and throughout the week. Programmable macro keys may be the option that you want to look for as it reduces the time needed to use a mouse.

    Once you start mastering the excel shortcuts combined with programmable macros. You’ll start to use the mouse less often which saves a good chunk of time and energy.
  • Durable and Modular:
    If you use excel, you may notice that a certain key may be pressed more than others, for instance, the equal sign to call a function.

    In doing so, the equal sign may wear out faster than other keys and may become more prone to faults in the future.

    Therefore when picking a keyboard for heavy excel spreadsheet usage, you may want to look for something that is durable and has replaceable keys and keycaps.
  • Easy Access To The Page Up/Down, Home, and End buttons:
    These buttons are one of the common uses for navigation in Excel. Using a keyboard that has easy access to these buttons allows you to navigate quickly around excel spreadsheets.

FAQ: Keyboards For Excel Spreadsheets

Are mechanical keyboards better for Excel?

Some may like mechanical keyboards for Excel because it produces fewer keystroke errors (due to the switches’ tactile response). It also has programmable MACRO keys which means you can set the keys to Excel Macro Shortcuts, which saves a lot of time compared to manually typing formulas or functions.

Do you need a full-size keyboard for Excel?

A full-sized keyboard (100%) is definitely recommended for Excel. This is because you’ll be using the number pad a lot whenever you’re typing functions or doing calculations. So, get a 100% keyboard if you plan to do a lot of number crunching.

Which is the best keyboard for Excel use?

The most highly recommended keyboards for Excel is the Logitech G613 for a mechanical keyboard and the Logitech MX Keys for a membrane keyboard.